Launching the Energy Bill of Rights

Energy Bill of RightsYou, your friends, family, neighbours, and local community group, are warmly invited to Fuel Poverty Action’s launch of our Energy Bill of Rights at Parliament on Monday 27th October at 5pm. Put the date in your diary, drop us an email to let us know you’re coming, and help us get more sign ups for our Energy Bill with a difference!
Register and get your free Eventbrite ticket here:
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E.ON – Hands Off Our Homes!

destroying parks isnt visionary - graffiti on the hoardings around Myatts Field North estate
Complaints against energy companies have reached a record high as people refuse to tolerate rip-off bills and bullying from the Big 6 energy profiteers. Yet, for residents on Myatts Field North estate in south London, there is no escape from E.ON who have a monopoly on the estate’s heating and hot water under a Private Finance Initiative.
Residents on the estate are holding a day of action against the PFI ‘regeneration’ scheme under the banner ‘Our Health, Our Lives, Our Homes’ to highlight their significant concerns with the project.  Fuel Poverty Action will be supporting their action. Join us on Friday 25th July at 10am, at Bramah Green Community Centre, Myatts Field North, SW9 7RG.
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Should a profiteering Big Six energy company sponsor a fuel poverty event?

The Guardian has just published a story about a dispute over whether Scottish Power, one of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies, should be sponsoring a fuel poverty conference in Harrogate this week. Our criticism of their sponsorship can be read here.  Our criticism of their sponsorship can be read here.  ) Continue reading “Should a profiteering Big Six energy company sponsor a fuel poverty event?”