Speak out on your situation

This page is no longer in use but you may be interested in the comments below.

All of us are struggling with rip-off bills. Many of us are getting ill because of cold homes and thousands every year are dying. Lots of us are spending our days in libraries, shopping centers and other public places just to keep warm. Yet the energy companies continue to rake in huge profits, the government keep cutting and our landlords continue to exploit us- and they tell us it’s our fault!
We think that the first step to fighting the injustice of the brutal energy companies can often be speaking out, removing stigma and shame around being in debt as well as being given a chance to vent anger, sharing experiences and practical tips about ways you’ve found to get by. This page exists as an online forum for this to happen.
If you’d like to speak out in this way, email your message to [email protected].

You can read about victories won by Valerie (against multiple energy companies) and Brenda (against British Gas forcing the installation of a prepayment meter) here.