#EnergyForAll means everyone getting a free amount of energy – that is enough energy, free, to cover the basics like heating, cooking, and lighting. This would give us all the security we need, taking account of people’s actual needs related to their age, health, and housing. 

To pay for this new pricing system, Energy For All, we want a more effective Windfall Tax, and an end to the massive subsidies now going to oil and gas producers,traders and suppliers – subsidies from the taxpayer that are worth millions of pounds every day.  The Government has recently announced a windfall tax – but at the same time announced that they would give corporations 91p for every pound they invest in gas and oil extraction from the North Sea.  Ninety one pence in the pound for investing in their own business – and pocketing the profits that result!  This is the kind of policy that makes a mockery of everything green and fair.

A third source of funding would be higher prices for people who use much more energy than they need. The UK is a wealthy nation, with many billionaires – now more than ever due to fortunes made in the pandemic. Many companies, including energy companies, are clocking up exceptional profits – while we struggle to pay the prices they are charging. (The top 5% in the UK consumes more energy than the least wealthy half of the population.)

No one should get ill or die because of cold homes. No one should spend days in libraries or shopping centres to keep warm. Every home should be well repaired and insulated so we don’t need so much energy in the first place. 

Energy For All would reverse the present perverse situation where people pay less per unit of energy if they use more of it – and pay more per unit the more we cut down on what we use.  This huge injustice is a result of the Standing Charge on our bills and prepayment meters.  As part of the Campaign for Energy For All FPA is campaigning for Ofgem to stop loading extra charges – like the cost of failed suppliers – onto this part of our bills, the part no one can avoid no matter how much we cut down. And then we want Ofgem to abolish standing charges altogether, and instead, provide a band of energy free. 

Energy For All: 

  • Would be paid in kind – not in cash, which loses value with inflation.  
  • Would be universal, provided for all – but people who can afford it, who use a lot of energy, would end up paying more through higher tariffs for the non-necessary energy they use.
  • Would incentivise the government to finally invest in large-scale insulation programmes – because they would be responsible for meeting needs, instead of just loading extra costs onto people who cannot afford to.
  • Would force the Government to look again at supporting renewables – which produce energy at a quarter of that produced by cost of oil and gas. 
  • Would incentivise all of us to keep our usage down to something like what we need.
  • Because of all this, it would benefit not only our pockets, but the climate.  

Similar proposals have been or are being tried in several countries.  A free band of energy is now favoured by many in the EU commission and in the UK more and more organisations and political parties are looking at the idea closely.  In the posts below you can see where it all began!