Salford, Just Like Grenfell

Spruce Court, Salford: A mirror image of Grenfell Tower

Mirror image of Grenfell Tower – Spruce Court Salford fears disaster – July 2018

News from Pendleton Estate

Adding insult to injury in Salford: with rents and service charges set to rise, 127 Pendleton Together residents sign up to litigation8 February 2021

Update from Pendleton Estate, Salford – October 2019

Salford Star article: True horror of fire risks in Salford Pendleton blocks revealed – 25 September 2019

Salford Star article: Salford resident reveals over £2million spent on fire marshals at dangerously cladded blocks – 7 May 2019

Guardian article: People at Salford block of flats fear freezing winter without cladding19 November 2018

Guardian article: High-rise tenants being ignored like we were, say Grenfell survivors24 August 2018