Energy For All Manifesto

Support Energy For All – the revolutionary change in energy pricing that you endorsed. We now have a Manifesto, which we’ll be launching with an evening online event. Watch our online launch that took place on 23rd March 2023.

If you are a representative of an organisation, we invite you to sign the Energy For All Manifesto and help make the launch a success by demonstrating the widespread determination to see Energy For All become a reality.

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If you are an individual who supports Energy For All, take digital action and ask your MP to sign. The Early Day Motion for a universal basic energy allowance was launched in parliament on 18 October 2022 and will have its second reading on 24 March – the day after our Manifesto launch.

The nightmare of prepayment meters being forcibly imposed on customers who could not avoid going into debt has exposed the rottenness of a system based on profit rather than need. We won a suspension of this practice, but now need to stop the debt accumulating in the first place. 

The Manifesto has gone through a long process of consultation. It spells out many of the implications of Energy For All, beginning with action to insulate homes, install sound heating systems, and deal with the injustices of the present pricing system – including the linkage of electricity prices to the exorbitant cost of gas, instead of cheaper, cleaner, and more climate-friendly renewables. We hope you will like it, add your organisation’s name, share it with others!

Energy for All Statement of Support

To show your organisation’s support for Energy All you can also fill out the form underneath the statement below.

The increases in energy prices are already causing a huge crisis for millions of UK residents. People’s health and even lives are at risk, and increased debts and disconnections are inevitable.  Now prices are to go up even further, to unprecedented heights.  

The measures proposed by the government to soften the blow barely scratch the surface of what is needed.  Even proposals by charities and others to increase means-tested benefits and support for people in fuel poverty fall very far short, and, as the crisis widens, they do not reach enough people. In many cases proposals are also regressive – benefiting well off customers at the expense of the poorest.

We believe that the UK is a country with huge financial resources, and that no one should be forced to go cold, or go hungry in order to pay their energy bills.  

We therefore ask the government to implement the proposal from Fuel Poverty Action, which is calling for “Energy for All”. “Energy for All” would provide a basic level of energy for every household, enough for them to maintain enough heating, lighting, cooking, and other essential services. FPA say it should be funded from three sources: 

  • A windfall tax on the obscene profits being made by energy companies on the back of the prices they are charging now
  • An end to fossil fuel subsidies, which cost the UK government millions of pounds every day, only to perpetuate our dependence on polluting fuels with volatile prices which are also destroying the climate
  • Higher tariffs on energy used over the amount required for their different circumstances, to be paid by the many people who are profligate with their usage, contributing substantially to climate change, because they do not need to count the cost.  

Energy for All must be accompanied by a massive insulation programme, using an army of well-trained, well-paid retrofit workers, to further improve health, bring down bills, and cut emissions of CO2.  At the same time, a switch to renewable energy is urgent. Further investment and subsidies for gas and oil only perpetuate dependence on fuels which are volatile in price and lethal in their effect on the climate.

At present, due to fixed “standing charges”, the people who pay most per kWh are those who have cut their energy use down to practically zero, while those who pay least are the ones who can afford to heat a mansion. Energy for All would reverse this perverse effect of market pricing, and would instead give people the security we need and deserve in these unpredictable times. 

We recognise that there are many details, implications, to be worked out and objections to be dealt with, but we are sure that Energy for All would be better than the failing market we have now. We urge the government not to delay. Companies unwilling to implement Energy for All could be taken into public hands. If the market cannot supply households’ heat needs, it is not doing its job.

To share your organisation’s support for Energy for All, fill out the form below. If you have any problems with the form below, you can also fill out out directly on google forms by clicking here.