Hustings Questions

Local hustings are one of the easiest ways to challenge your candidates and keep them on their toes.

What is a hustings?

A hustings is when candidates for an election gather together to take questions from an audience. It’s a chance for you to find out more about your local candidates, their parties and their policies. It’s also an opportunity for you to highlight a local issue that you think needs addressing or an issue that your current MP has neglected to take adequate action on.

Potential questions for the candidates
We have created four hustings cards, each with a different suggested question about fuel poverty. Please click on the links below!
We have also included some background information in case you want to challenge their reply. If it’s convenient, it can be good to gather some information about your local area or you might want to mention your own situation or a friend’s!
We have hustings questions about:

Alternatively, if these questions do not address the issues that you or your community face, they can be mixed together or adapted to include local information or a personal situation.
These questions can also be used when your local candidates are canvassing in your community or area.