Fuel Poverty Action briefing: Cladding – A national emergency

See below for our report on the state of cladding and insulation in the UK. You can also download the PDF file here.
Fuel Poverty Action briefing: Cladding - A national emergency


New report on district heating on Myatts Field: “Not Fit For Purpose”

Fuel Poverty Action today (April 28th 2017) publish a new report on Myatts Field estate residents’ difficult experience with district heating.
It has been compiled with additional research by Dr Stuart Hodkinson, School of Geography, University of Leeds, and Ruth London, Fuel Poverty Action on behalf of Myatts Field North Residents Association and PFI Monitoring Board, Oval Quarter Residents Association, and Oval Quarter Notting Hill Residents Association.
Listen to us discussing the findings on Radio 5 Live Investigates

‘Not Fit for Purpose’

Residents’ Experiences of E.ON’s District Heating System on the Myatts Field North Estate and Oval Quarter development in Lambeth
While district heating has great potential to cut costs and carbon emissions, for council tenants and private leaseholders on the Myatts Field North estate and Oval Quarter development in Lambeth, it has so far been a very bad experience for many from which there is currently no escape.
“Not Fit For Purpose” details 50 real-life examples of residents, many vulnerable through age, disability, illness, or financial insecurity, who have experienced a number of failings.
These residents were connected to a new heat network run by E.ON without proper consultation as part of a controversial regeneration scheme under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) starting from 2012. Lambeth’s district heating contract with E.ON is binding until 2052.

Now residents are challenging E.ON to overhaul the whole system, accept a review of its pricing and provide proper compensation for four years of misery.

Read our initial press release here and download the report below:

‘Not Fit For Purpose’ – Executive Summary

‘Not Fit For Purpose’ – Full Report