Model Motion for Trades Unions

This Trade Union / branch notes that:

  1. Fuel Poverty Action (FPA) has been a vocal and dynamic campaign group for those suffering fuel poverty. It has run a campaign for ‘Safe Cladding and Insulation Now’ and energy-efficient housing, and agitates to raise awareness of problems with district heating systems. It has also led the fight on fuel poverty with the Energy For All campaign, a demand that has received over 650,000 signatures in a petition handed into Parliament. The demand for Energy For All is supported by a wide range of grassroots organisations, and 75% of the UK population.
  1. FPA has already gained the support of some trade unions including the BFAWU and PCS, branches of UNISON and Unite the Union, and the TUC LESE Pensioners Network. It continues to campaign jointly with Unite via the Unite For Energy For All campaign as well Housing Workers Branch (LE1111), and the Social Housing Action Campaign (SHAC). See note (1) below.
  1. FPA has only a small, dedicated team of people, mostly volunteers, and is seeking support for future campaigning. Support from the trade union movement through regular donations of whatever size will do wonders to sustain their vital work. 

This Trade Union / branch therefore agrees to: 

  1. Affiliate as a body to FPA, and encourages our members to sign up for a monthly donation as an individual by emailing the information to our membership list.
  1. Add itself as a signatory of the Energy For All manifesto. See note (2) below

Donations and Individual Affiliations Schedule:

  • £300/year < 50,000 members
  • £500/ year 50,000 – 100,000 members
  • £1000 year > 100,000 members

Note (1)

Note (2)