Organising Toolkit / Resources

Download our organising toolkit by clicking the link below:
Stop the Great Fuel Robbery, Organising Toolkit (PDF format)
We’ve produced this toolkit as a resource for people organising fuel bill assemblies
and action. It has been put together by drawing on our own organising experience.
It’s not meant to tell you what to think, what to do or how to do things. It’s a
resource that we’ve made that we hope might offer a few ideas. Please do get in
touch to ask questions or to suggest ways that the toolkit could be changed or
If you’d rather not download the pdf, you can access the content online using the links below.
Page 3-6: Fuel Poverty: an escalating crisis. What’s the problem? Why is this
happening? Read online. 
Page 7-8: Why fuel bill assemblies? Why organise an assembly in your area? Read online. 
Page 9-13: How to organise a fuel bill assembly. A step-by-step guide. Read online. 
You can also download a flyer we’ve made to help you publicise your event. Download it by clicking the following link: Template flyer Just fill in the details about your event and you’re good to go!