A huge win on PPMs after 4 days of action!

Between Thursday 19th – Sunday 22nd January, campaigners and locals came together in towns and cities across the UK to demand the UK Government #BanForcedPPMs and implement #EnergyForAll.

On the 19th, ONS released the excess winter deaths figures for 2021/22. We joined the National Pensioner’s Convention and others, holding our traditional vigil in Westminster to mark the date. Speeches were given by Lord Prem Sikka, John McDonnell MP, Jan Shortt (NPC General Secretary), Paula Peters (DPAC) and our own Ruth London. Following a minute’s silence, participants marched to Downing Street and laid a coffin at the gate.

On the same date, a similar vigil took place at Cardiff Central Square. Protesters also interrupted First Minister’s Questions in Edinburgh, challenging Nicola Sturgeon on prepayment meters.

On Saturday 21st, Warm-Ups organised by FPA, Don’t Pay and Fossil Free London took place at the Scottish Parliament, an EDF Call Centre in Exeter, the Museum of Liverpool, a Barclays Bank and department stores including John Lewis at Oxford Circus and Liberty of London.

Further demonstrations took place at Leicester Town Hall, a Shell garage in Cambridge and outside Octopus Energy Sales Hub in Birmingham!

We have succeeded in forcing the government to act! During the days of action, a crackdown was announced on energy companies forcing people onto prepayment meters. While we celebrate this success and reflect on the power of our collective action, we will continue to push the government to go further and implement an outright ban!

#BanForcedPPMs #EnergyForAll #ColdHomesKill #EndWinterDeaths

Our letter to British Gas CEO Iain Conn demanding compensation for customers

Dear Iain Conn,

We are writing to ask for compensation, on behalf of the thousands of British Gas customers who have suffered from British Gas extortion and bullying. Complaints include:

  • forced imposition of prepayment key or card meters even against Ofgem rules
  • price discrimination against prepayment meter customers
  • all customers being charged what the Competition and Marketing Authority called “excessive prices”
  • persistent pressure on users of gas and electricity for money that they do not owe.

Meanwhile, you have pocketed £3 million last year, profits have risen by nearly 1/3i – and 15,000 people have died because they could not afford heating.ii

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