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In debt to your energy supplier?
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 We were inspired to write this simple guide to gas and electricity rights after a growing number of calls and emails from people struggling with fuel costs, fuel debt, damp homes, unwanted prepayment meters, and useless rip-off landlords.
Gas and electricity bills are too high, and if this leads to debt there are no ideal solutions. However, there are ways you can stop the companies making things worse than they are already. Above all, you want to avoid getting disconnected.  If you are, it will cost more to get reconnected, and you’ll be in a worse position after that.  Good advice is available from many sources to help you stand up for your rights.
Much of the advice in sections 1 and 3 below, and some advice at other points too, comes from the invaluable Fuel rights handbook (16th edition), published by Child Poverty Action Group (link).  Readers should refer to the handbook itself for more detailed and more extensive information.  Any inaccuracies in condensing the information are our own.
More and more, people are refusing to accept unacceptable fuel costs.  Many people are challenging the energy companies over the size of their bills, the pressure they are put under, or the settings on their prepayment meters.  Often, in addition to the high prices they charge, the companies manipulate things to their own advantage, bend the law, or make mistakes in their own favour.  If we all stand up to them together, we will be stronger.  Make sure you share your experience through the Fuel Poverty Action website, and let others know what you’ve suffered, what you are doing about it – and whatever you manage to win!  Remember — the hated Poll Tax (link) was abolished in 1990, after thousands of people refused to pay unjust bills.
In debt? Not sure what to do? 
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Built up debts? Want to set up a payment plan? Want to see if there’s help for paying it off?
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Live in a damp or cold rented home and want to know your rights?
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Considering a prepayment meter? Want to know your rights on a prepayment meter? 
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Thinking about switching supplier? You might not save money, even if the money comparison site says so. This sheet explains why:
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Is your energy supplier trying to install a meter against your wishes? Want to fight it in court?
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Want to get the Warm Homes Discount or other financial help schemes or discounts?
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Want to cut your bills for good or get involved?
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