Occupy London are Warming-up…

The Occupy London Winter Warm-up…

Friday 27 January | Meet 12noon on the steps of St Paul’s | Bring hot water bottles, flasks, and your ideas for a better world.

Since October 15th, hundreds have been occupying the forecourt of St Paul’s Cathedral, next to the London Stock Exchange, alongside other London spaces and buildings, as part of the global Occupy movement for economic justice. Occupy London now say that it’s time to take it to the corporations that are freezing us out.

One in every four people in the UK will struggle to heat their homes this winter. In 2010 over 2,700 people died in the winter because of high bills, low incomes, and draughty, poorly insulated housing.  Meanwhile climate change from fossil fuels is already killing 300,000 a year, and impoverishing many more. more.
That’s why the Energy Equity and Environment working group of Occupy London are taking part in a long weekend of “winter warm-ups” organized by Fuel Poverty Action.
Anyone who can’t afford to heat their home should be able to go into a nice warm place and make themselves at home. That’s just what people will be doing, from tomorrow, in Leeds, Cambridge, Oxford, and several parts of London.
We will not stand aside while unaccountable companies rake in the profits and allow our human right to energy to be privatised and turned into a commodity.  We strive for a world where sustainable energy sources are the norm, where solar and other forms of responsible energy are encouraged and the corporate greed-driven companies that are putting profit before people are a thing of the past.
As Occupy London has said, “With its relentless pursuit of profit at all cost, the present corporate system fits the definition of a psychopath, driving the rapid destruction of our society and the natural environment. This is done only to benefit a small minority and not the needs of the 99 per cent.”
Keeping warm in winter is not a luxury, nor is preserving a planet we can live on. However, energy companies amassed £9 billion in unearned profits under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and we spent £850 billion on bailing out the banks. We just need to change our priorities: instead of lining the pockets of banks and corporations, we need to keep people warm and the climate safe.
From the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral we will move off to warm ourselves up inside.  You might like to dress for a nice warm place at the heart of the establishment.  Don’t forget to bring your hottie and a flask, and maybe a shawl to help keep you warm…