The Big Bill Die-in

Tuesday November 22nd
Meet 10.30 am, Parliament Square.

In the UK, thousands of people die every year because they cannot afford to heat their homes. The UK’s Big Six energy companies’ price hike mean five-year record profits for them (over 700% profit per customer) and cold homes for us.
Instead of supporting genuinely free insulation, proper housing, and alternative, democratically controlled energy systems, the government is helping its corporate allies maintain a monopoly on who gets to keep warm and how.
Society’s most vulnerable people including pensioners, babies, and people who are ill or disabled, face the toughest winter in years as the choice between heating and eating starts to bite.
These same energy companies are also relentlessly investing in fossil fuels at the cost of countless lives through climate change and pollution.
On Tuesday 22nd November, the government will announce its excess winter death statistics for 2010-2011, revealing the extra deaths last winter in comparison to other seasons. On this day, join Fuel Poverty Action’s funeral and ‘die-in’ to expose Big Six and government collusion.
We will meet at 10.30, Parliament Square and proceed to a Big Six target and use our cold and‘dead’ bodies to disrupt their operations. Bring a blanket..