Hearing Your Side – Your Experience of , British Gas, NIBE, DH, or Cladding.

In the coming months, we are building on previous campaigns, and starting some new ones, so we’re contacting people who got in touch with us for help or to help fight for changes.. In particular, we are looking for your experiences of British Gas, NIBE boilers, District Heating, and Cladding replacement, with a view to pressing for policy changes, and helping when things go wrong.


You can email us back, or post your testimony here.


You might also like to see our recent press coverage on prices, eg here in the Daily Express


On the other hand, if you would prefer not to hear from us again, please just let us know !



British Gas



As you will know, FPA campaigns for energy that is both affordable and sustainable — that doesn’t harm local environments or the climate.  On the 22nd February, we will be taking part in a public, family friendly demonstration against Centrica, the company that owns British Gas.  They are one of the key companies investing in fracking in the UK.  Fracking is facing determined opposition from the communities where it is planned, because of the local pollution (and earthquakes) and because it is awful for the climate..


Last year, while British Gas upped their prices by 5.5%, Centrica pumped nearly $16m into  fracking. Fracking will not bring down energy bill prices.  Instead, it will speed up global warming, at huge cost to us all.

This won’t be the first time we’ve taken issue with British Gas. In years past, we’ve been to their AGM, and written letters to their CEO, demanding compensation for the thousands of customers who have suffered extortion and bullying at the hands of the company. Complaints have included, amongst other things; forced imposition of prepayment key or card meters, price discrimination, and persistently pressing people for money that they do not owe.


So we’re inviting you to join us at the action on the 22nd. If you have any questions about the action, please get in touch.

But we are also looking to hear your stories about British Gas, past or current, so we can take them with us, and demand the changes we need. If you have experienced an injustice at the hands of British Gas, would you like to speak out about, in your name or anonymously?


NIBE Boilers


NIBE heating is continuing to cause problems for people across the country. Many are told this new system will save residents money, but instead their bills are then three of four times higher than before.


We had some interest from BBC Rip Off Britain in covering this last autumn, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen in the end.


Have you struggled with NIBE Boilers, now or in the past? If you have, please let us know what the problems are, and also indicate whether you might like to speak out about this publicly, in your name, or anonymously.


Cladding and insulation


Despite winning cash from the government to cover replacement of dangerous cladding and insulation after Grenfell, too many people are still living in danger of fire.  And many others have had their insulation removed — and are freezing! We are continuing to press the government, councils and housing associations to make sure everyone has compensation for extra high winter bills guaranteed – so all can survive this winter.  Some places do have help, others don’t. It shouldn’t be a postcode lottery!


It would really help to hear an update on your building, or any in your area, including any buildings that are too low to qualify for refurbishment, or were clad with a material different from Grenfell’s – some other materials can still be a danger.


District Heating  


We’ve been told that our earlier campaigning, together with residents of seven housing estates with a heat network, has made a difference to how new “heat networks” are being brought in now – we certainly hope so!  And the government has accepted the need for regulation. But many people are still suffering with expensive, dysfunctional systems that keep cutting out. And leaseholders are still being asked for tens of thousands of pounds upfront, to fund repairs or replacements of their systems. If that’s you, let us know!  Policies are being laid down now, and it’s a very good time to put your case forward and get some results.


Whatever your situation –  or if you’d just like to help, or take part in the action at British Gas headquarters on 22 February – please don’t hesitate to get in touch — we are really keen to hear from you.