Warm Up at Brixton Library – Saturday 19 March

warmupGET WARM – GET INFORMED – Saturday 19 March, 11am, Brixton Library

Lambeth pensioners, tenants and residents say, if we can’t afford to heat our own homes, we have a right to make ourselves cosy in any warm building! And we have a right to the information we need so we don’t have to freeze in the future. It cannot be right that every winter, thousands of people die from fuel poverty!
Many people have kept warm – and kept informed – in local libraries. Now so many are sentenced to be shut, abolishing an essential community resource for the sake of ideological austerity. Other life-saving services in Lambeth, including day centres and lunch clubs, which many people use to get warm, meet friends, and stay informed, also under threat.
Meanwhile, the residents of Myatts Field South, having benefited from communal heating at a guaranteed flat rate – especially important for those who are old, ill or disabled – are now being forced into fuel poverty through the imposition of individual boilers by intimidation. They are fighting to keep communal heating and to get insulation and solar panels so they can keep warm. No one should have to choose between heating and eating.
People everywhere are struggling to pay for fuel, while energy suppliers make record profits. And although we have some rights, we have no idea what they are! But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Brixton Reference Library, Brixton Hill, Brixton, London SW2 1JQ

Come join us at Brixton Reference Library on Saturday 19 March. We will make visible the coldness that inhabits our homes and our society, and skill up so we can not only demand what we are already permitted, but so much more: warm, well insulated homes powered by communal and democratically maintained renewable energy, and public spaces which enable and nurture community.
Bring your mum, your dad, your kids, your neighbours, and your experience – we are stronger together!
Organised by Fuel Poverty Action with:

  • LAMPAG Lambeth Pensioners Action Group
  • LOPA Lambeth Older Peoples Alliance
  • MFS TRA Myatts Field South Tenants and Residents Association

Also supported by:

  • Friends of Lambeth Libraries
  • DPAC Disabled People Against Cuts

Any questions, or want to add your organisation to the list of supporters? Email us on [email protected]m